IMMO Programming

Advanced Immobilizer & Key Programmer

DaTo DAS X-G3 Scanner Advanced Immobilizer & Key Programmer is a best car key programming tool and an another anti-theft product launched DaTo. It is a powerful chip reading/writing device and clone new keys. This car key programming tool is mainly used for reading and writing data of car key chips, including reading/writing EEPROM, reading/writing on-board MCU, Mercedes-Benz infrared keys, generating special keys, reading BMW engine INS code, reading/writing BMW CAS4+/FEM chips. DaTo XG3  is flexible, stable, reliable, and suitable for professional users such as automotive electronics industry/locksmith/repair shop.

Enhanced Range

Integrated multi-function module, one machine with multiple functions, high cost performance
Powerful functions, supporting Mercedes-Benz infrared key reading/writing, BMW engine ISN code reading, engine reading in BENCH mode, etc.
Fast and accurate reading and writing of data


  • Read/write EEPROM
  • Read/write MCU
  • Mercedes-Benz keys
  • Key simulator
  • VW Fourth-generation Dump Mode All Keys Lost
  • Read engine in BENCH mode
  • Read engine in Boot mode
  • VW Fourth-generation Enumeration All Keys Lost
  • Read gearbox data
  • Read/write keys
  • Read BMW engine ISN code
  • Read/write BMW CAS4+ and FEM chips
  • Read/write Audi fifth-generation steering column chips
  • Read OBD MED17 engine
  • Replace VW fourth-generation UDS engine
  • Replace VW MQB engine, gearbox, steering column lock
  • Read/write Mercedes-Benz engine and gearbox data